Saturday, September 7, 2013

Merry - My latest Poppystamps Design team posted on 9/7

The new Poppystamps dies are amazing!  For this post, I wanted to showcase the versatility of the Merry Dots die new from Poppystamps.

These three cards, each use the Merry Dots die, in different positions.  

The cards are each 3" x 3" and were designed to be used as in lieu of a tag to accompany a holiday gift. Each card uses the Poppystamps cling stamp "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" stamped inside on a white piece of cardstock.

To create the cards measure a piece of cardstock to 6" long and 3" wide.  
Score lengthwise at the 3" mark.  
Next determine where you want the fold.  The deer and the candle cards each have the fold at the top.  The green sleigh card has the fold on the left.  With the card in an unfolded position the Poppystamps Merry Dots die and run it through your cutting machine.  
If you wish to have a color showing through (deer card) then cut a different color of cardstock and adhere to the inside of the card.  Then chose a color for the inside to stamp your greeting.  
Now comes the fun --decorate the outside of your card.  The hardest part is choosing from all the exciting new Poppystamps dies.  What will you create?
Supplies I used for these cards:
Merry Dots [#937] 
Birthday Candles [#909] 
Woodland Fawn [#945]
Santa's Magic Sleigh [#943]
Small Blooming Poinsettia [#902]
Little Christmas Cling Stamp [CS305B]

Miscellaneous Supplies:
Adhesive- I used a liquid glue and glue pen for these cards.
Red Glitter Glue - For the candle card, I cut two sets of candles and cut the tips off to make the yellow look like a flame.  Then I applied a red glitter glue to make it look more like a flickering candle.
Rhinestones - added a bit of bling to the center of the poinsettias on the sleigh and deer card.
Ink - for stamping the greeting inside of the card.


  1. Cool die. I like the yellow poinsettia

  2. of your 3 cards my favorite is the sleigh card but I think for myself the letters would have to be either all white or simply punched not a mixture of both. Thanks for sharing your card ideas with us.
    Linda Gibb

  3. you candle card is lovely. Was it hard putting the little red flame onto the yellow part? I have a hand tremor & don't think I could manage that, but it's a beautiful card. Thanks for your ideas. Linda Gibb

  4. Hi Linda,
    The letters are all dots that are punched. They look like some are filled and some aren't only because of the way they were photographed. I wanted to show what it would look like without the inner liner (to add contrasting color and also with only the "greeting" back panel so I apologize if it is a bit misleading.

    Also, to your question about the yellow part. Couple things you can do. You can cut the candles in both white and yellow (as I indicate) and then glue only the yellow part onto the top of the white candle then snip it off. This gives you the base of the candle to help guide the positioning. Another thing you could do is sponge yellow on the white candles and then use a little glitter glue to add the flame. The glitter glue can be tricky in terms of pressure (I killed a few before I got it right). Based on that I'd use a toothpick or something like that to apply it which gives you a little more control.

    Thanks for your comments and stopping by!