Saturday, September 7, 2013

Haunted Park: My Poppystamps Design Team Post for 9/1/2013

Haunted Park    

I love Fall and Halloween so here is my Haunted Trees.  These use many of the same Poppystamps and Memory Box dies from my August 20th post.  These dies are so versatile there are so many ways to use them. Save your scraps from cutting as they can be used for other things.  For example, the insides of the Village Lamp can be used as coffins for a spooky graveyard scene.
Note:  The card is sitting in a wooden base in order to photograph it for the blog.
Supplies you will need:
Poppystamps Dies:
Madison Park Bench (881)
Village Lamp Post (893)
Pouncing Cat (876)
Labrador (879)
Memory Box Dies:
Birch Trio (98617)
Grim Cauldron (98700)
Ghastly Ghosts (98701)
Tiny Bubbles (98699)
Perfect Pumpkins (98707)
Memory Box Paper:
SH-Vanilla Bean (44044)
SH-Sunflower (44041)
SH-Meadow (44024)
SH-Jack-o-Lantern (44017)
SH-Licorice (44022)
SH-Concord Grape (44045)
White card stock
Adhesive (glue, tape, circles or dots), scissors or paper trimmer to cut paper small enough to run through a die-cut machine and a die-cut machine.
Die cuts:
Step 1:  Using Licorice card stock cut out the Village Lamp Post, the sides of the Madison Bench, the Pouncing Cat, the Birch Trio, the Cauldron and a set of Ghosts.
Step 2:  Using Jack-o-Lantern card stock cut out the centers for the Village Lamp Post, the Perfect Pumpkins, a set of Ghosts and the Tiny Bubbles.
Step 3: . Using Meadow card stock cut out Tiny Bubbles and Ghastly Ghosts.
Step 4:  Using Concord Grape card stock cut out the Ghastly Ghosts.
Step 5:  Using Vanilla Bean card stock cut out the Labrador and the seating area of the Madison Park Bench.
Step 6: Using White card stock cut out Ghastly Ghosts.
Step 7:  Using Sunflower cut a circle about an inch or so in circumference to use for the moon.  I traced around something that size I had at home and cut out with scissors.
Create the Card
Step 1:  Cut a piece of 8 ½ x 11 inch Concord Grape card stock in half and then score at 4 ½. Rotate card so that the opening is on the bottom (versus opening to the right side).
Step 2:  Assemble the scene as above or to your liking

If a greeting is desired stamp it inside the card now and your card is complete!

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