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Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to the Poppystamps & Twinery Blog Hop! July 24-26, 2014.

Welcome to my blog!  You probably arrived here from Christine Meyer's blog.  I hope you are enjoying your blog hopping today.  There is a lot of great inspiration yet to come and a few prizes are up for grabs from courtesy of Poppystamps and The Twinery!  

For my post today, I am jazzing up a gift container.  You can use any container from tin (even an empty tin from mints if you do not want to purchase a tin or a glass jar/bottle).  I used Maraschino Twine from The Twinery to give it a festive holiday feel.  Then I turned to the [1097] Poppystamps Stocking Garland die from Poppystamps' recent release.

Supplies you will need: 
Poppystamps dies, I used 1097 Stocking Garland
Twinery Twine, I used Maraschino Stripe Twine
Embellishments (I used gold star brads)
Adhesive (glue works best to adhere twine to the container)
Container to decorate
Foam adhesives
Card stock

How I did it:
I used a tin that I had on hand.  To give you an idea of size of the tin that I used,  I was able to put a variety of items inside. I tested it by filling it with gourmet tea bags or truffles or small wrapped gourmet chocolate squares, hard candies, etc.

Another fabulous use of a small tin is to surprise your favorite crafting buddy with some Poppystamps dies!  I was able to put in a couple dies even with a little bit of padding.  Some ideas? Well the Christmas Baubles [1040], the Lyndon Butterfly [1059] or even the Theo Butterfly  [1060].

I used a glue adhesive circle to hold the end of the twine and then I used glue lightly to keep the twine on the tin.

As you wrap you may need to push the twine down to keep any gaps from forming.  You can also vary the colors of twine or twist the twine to create a pattern.

Next, I wrapped the sides of the lid.

While the glue was drying, I cut and heavily glittered paper.  Then I added some gold star brads and finished with the 1097 Stocking Garland from Poppystamps.  To adhere it, I used a slightly larger piece of paper and the foam adhesive squares to give the scene a little depth.

Want More?  Maybe even a chance to win a prize?  

Go to the Poppystamps blog and The Twinery blog to find out how you could win a great prize during the July 24-July26, 2014 Poppystamps and The Twinery blog hop!  Before you go, feel free to leave me a comment, a suggestion or a question.

Your next stop on the hop is the blog of DoBea Alberts.  

If my blog is the first you have "hopped to" here is the full list of talented crafters and the generous companies who have made this hop possible!  Check them out!

Blog Hop for July 25th, 2014
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Christine Meyer                            

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Christmas Cottage in July


Christmas In July!