Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sparkling Snowflake -My 03 October Poppystamps Design Team Submission

Sparkling Snowflake

For my posting today, I went a simple route with the Giovanna Snowflake die.  I wanted to create a card that could be used for any type of winter holiday or as a general winter greeting.  I also wanted to let the die stand alone.  I hope you like it.

Giovanna Snowflake Die [946]
Holiday Sparkle Cling Mount Stamp [CS307B]

Other Supplies:
Adhesive of your choice, glitter, ink for sentiment, ribbon, ruler

I created the card by cutting an 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper in half.  I then folded it so that the crease of the card was along the top.  
I placed the card, unfolded, into my die cutting machine and cut a the Giovanna Snowflake die out in the front of the card.  
I ran took the snowflake and coated it with glue and smothered it with glitter and let dry.  With some scrap cardstock of the same color as the card's base, I cut another snowflake and once again coated and smothered and placed out of the way to dry.
Next, I created the inside of the card (below).  I cut a 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 piece of card stock and placed it on the inside of the card and added the "May Your Holidays Sparkle" Cling Poppystamps stamp.  Be careful to place the stamp far enough down so that you can place the snowflake to align with the cut-out on the front of the card.
Once the glitter is dried, close the card, add a glue dot to middle of the back of the snowflake and place back into the cut-out area and press firmly.  Carefully lift the front of the card.  This will stick the snowflake into position on your greeting panel inside the card.
Cut another panel (5 1/2" x 4 1/4") in the same color as the base card (for me this was the dark blue) and paste it into place on the inside of the front of the card.  Then take your second snowflake, add a glue dot, and place it back in the die cut-out and press.  Now you have a snowflake on the front and in the same position inside the card.
To add a little something I took a ribbon and placed two strips across the front of the card.  If you like to add more bling or use something other than ribbon, the sky is the limit.  You could easily add some rhinestones, brads, buttons, whatever you desire.
Note: You may notice that I chose to leave the inside of my snowflake solid (I added the punched out areas back in) but you don't have to do that, it will easily work punched out.) Also, I covered the snowflake (on the clear stamp) with a post it so it wouldn't ink when I stamped the greeting since there is the main snowflake already on the panel.
Thanks for stopping by!
Kimberly WM copy

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